Conquest Your Own Paradise!
Our festival comes along with an entire seasoning of artistic savoir-faire.

It wouldn’t be an art festival if you didn’t wash the dust of daily life with colorful thrills!

Dare to step into a dynamic art jukebox, where both well-known and emerging artists display their original ideas, to add up to your experience.


Turn up the love!

Unleash your inner artist. Play in our Art Camp, a series of exhibitions and workshops designed especially for the festival, all conquest your paradise-themed.  
Always thought you’ve got a unique perspective? Did you ever take yourself by surprise with an uncanny point of view? This is your best chance to show the world that our oddities make us unique.


Pretty face, electric soul!

With a variety of activities, ranging from land art and painting to sculpture, readymades and pretty much everything else you could come across in an arts handbook, you can turn the contents of your mind to life!