How can I get a ticket?
You can get your ticket from our partner Eventim here.

Can I change the name on the ticket?
The name of the person who purchased the ticket is printed on it. You can give the ticket to anyone you want. However, once the wristband is attached to your hand, you cannot transfer it to someone else.

Can I book a ticket?
Unfortunately, bookings are not an option.  

How much is a ticket?
You can choose one of 3 types of Early Bird tickets: 3-DAY PASS (268,92 RON), VIP 3-DAY PASS (484,92 RON) and Student 3-DAY PASS (160,92 RON).

What are the benefits of getting a VIP pass?
The VIP pass includes:
-Access throughout the entire festival (June 23rd 12.00 PM – June 26th 10.00 AM)
-Dedicated VIP entrance point
-Access to VIP area near the Main Stage (including dedicated food court, bars, lounges and toilets)
-Private parking inside the festival area

If I purchase a Student Pass do I need proof that I’m a student?

Yes. If you’ve got a Student Pass, you have to show your student ID at the festival entrance, in order to get your wristband.

What happens if I lose or forget my ticket?
That would be too bad. We’re really hoping you’ll have the best time. However, if you don’t have a valid ticket with you, we can’t allow you to get into the festival site. So be mindful of your ticket, we don’t want you missing on so much fun!

Can I take off the wristband at the end of a day?
That wristband grants you access on the festival site. If you take it off (or break it) you won’t be allowed to get in and you can’t get another one, even if you still have your ticket.

Are we allowed with professional cameras?
Under no circumstance are festivaliers allowed with professional photo equipment. DSLRs are out of the question!

Where is the festival venue?
AFTERHILLS takes place here, on Ses Bahlui, close to E85.

Is there a parking space?
There is a large dedicated parking space, suited for your needs, right next to the festival site.

Can I leave the festival site?
Of course. Iasi is a wonderful city and we encourage you to explore it. However, it’s essential that you keep your wristband on, at all times. The access on the festival premises is allowed only based on the wristband. Don’t lose it!

Is there a camping area? How much does it cost?
There is a dedicated camping area with all the facilities you need, right next to the festival site. The camping tickets will be sold separately. We’ll give you the details soon. Follow us on Facebook!

Are camping tickets sold separately?
Yes. Camping tickets will be available soon. Follow us on Facebook and stay close!

Can I enter the camping area even if I’m not a camper?
No. Access to the camping area is only allowed for those who purchased a camping pass.

Can I bring my dog?
As much as we love our furry friends, this year bringing your dog along is not possible.

Is there an age limit?
Age is just a number. Everybody is welcome to have fun!

Is an ID necessary?
According to our national laws in force, an ID is always necessary. This means you have to take it with you everywhere you go, including on the festival site.

Is there a call for volunteers?
Of course. We’ll be recruiting teams of volunteers to be part of the festival experience. If you want to volunteer for the festival, please apply here.

When is the following announcement scheduled?
The third announcement will be made public in a few days. Follow us on Facebook and stay close!