We’re here to think of your safety while you’re having fun.

That’s why we’re providing a cashless payment system, supported by Festipay and Banca Transilvania. The system consists of contactless cards. Each participant can charge their card at one of our 14 Credit Points on the festival site.

Terms and conditions available in Romanian and English.

Important information:

  • There is no minimum amount for charge;
  • The maximum amount per charge is 1000 RON;
  • The balance of a lost, damaged or stolen card can only be cancelled provided the card has previously been registered on the Festipay app available on iOS and Android;
  • Complaints will not be accepted after leaving the Credit Point;
  • The balance on the card can be turned into cash through the following means:
  • From any Credit Point during the AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival, starting Friday, the 23rd of June, 10 AM, until Monday, the 26th of June, 12 PM;
  • Through online refund, by filling in a form in the Festipay app, before 29th of June, 11:59 PM.


For more information, please visit www.bancatransilvania.ro