1. Download your printable ticket from your account.
Log into your account here and download your ticket in printable format.

2. Pre-charge your digital bracelet from your bank account.
Before the festival, you can pre-charge your festival bracelet with as much as you need.

3. Use the digital bracelet for all transactions.
During the festival, pay in one swipe using your bracelet. The system shows you the remaining credit after each purchase on the festival grounds.

4. Get your money safely returned to your account.
After the festival, have the extra money returned automatically into your bank account.

Advantages of the Digital Card System

 - Significantly reduce the time spent waiting in line.
 - Monitor your RFID system account at a glance, after every transaction.
 - Never worry about your wallet’s safety again.
 - Always carry enough funds with you.

Your Digital Wallet - The AFTERHILLS Cashless System

Your digital bracelet doesn’t just grant you access to the festival this edition, it can also be used as a digital wallet to help you pay for everything that tempts you. You can charge the bracelet chip with money before the event so that you can easily pay for any item on the festival grounds.

Follow the confirmation email and pre-charge your festival bracelet. This way, you can enjoy your fun without having to constantly worry about your wallet or about having enough change.

As part of this system, when you run out of money on your bracelet, a sum of 50 RON is automatically withdrawn from your account, which you can later use to make payments inside the festival. The operation is repeated each time you spend the 50 RON prepaid on your bracelet. At the end of the festival, the money left in the RFID system is automatically returned back into your bank account, without you having to take any other extra steps or lose any of it.

There will be no cash payment inside the festival. However, if you don’t want to associate your bank account with the RFID bracelet, you can always charge your digital card from the festival Cash Points with the desired amount.

We do strongly recommend the integrated digital system of your bracelet, as it saves you the time spent on Cash Points every time you need a recharge.

Things You Should Know About the Digital Card

 - It’s a much safer payment system than cash, especially in the crowded festival places;
 - It’s the only system that allows for your money to be returned back from your digital bracelet to your bank account, without any extra steps;
 - Out of safety reasons, most of the European festivals use a cashless system;
 - Through this system, the digital bracelet cannot be either stolen or lost during the event, so that you can fully enjoy the festival experience and have the time of your life.