Comedy Stage

AFTERHILLS proudly introduces the COMEDY Stage, a magical place of improv battles, theatre and stand-up comedy.

Performers and dancers for over 10 years, Frontline have won lots of international prizes, both together and individually.
cu Nelu Cortea și Claudiu Popa & Dan Badea
Cosmin Nedelcu is from Focsani and has studied Theater in Bucharest. His portfolio includes both comedy and theatrical acts.
OK WorldWide
From Britain's Got Talent to Romania's Got Talent, OK World Wide is not kidding when they say they want to have shows all over the world. And they've already started off on the right foot.
Ana Maria Calița
cu Tănase și Bucălae
A true believer in quality humor, Ana Maria Calita, beside being a talented stand-up comedian, is a collaborator of "Opera Comica pentru Copii”.
Anisia & Serghei
Originality prize at Romania's Got Talent has convinced Anisia, who had just graduated IT, to remain in the comedy industry. Serghei had always wanted someone to experiment professionally with. Getting so far with their comedy careers is more than any of them has expected.
Old member of Cafe DEKO, Bordea helped create and develop the stand-up comedy movement in Romania.
George Tănase
cu Calița și Bucălae
He wants a career in cinema and will take nothing less. Every professional step is meant to take him in that direction.
Mane Voicu
After having been a professional chess player and an amateur basketballer, he decided - when he was only 16 - he can easily switch to stand-up comedy. And so he did!
Nelu Cortea
Nelu Cortea is quite critical of himself and remembers all the mistakes that took place on a stage, but he always keeps his sense of humor.
Radu Bucălae
cu Tănase și Calița
He should have studied electronics at Targu Jiu. Instead, he went to study acting. He is very happy with his decision and would have followed this professional path regardless of the price.
Theater with personality and successful international plays, with quality improv that take you a long way. This is how Recul operates.
Teo, Vio și Costel
The stand-up trio started in 2004, and have been together ever since, even though the three have separate projects either in cinema, theatre, stand-up or improvisation performances.
That's Amore
This atypical comedy will not send you home straight on the subject, but it will surely make you LOL.
Trupa Idiot
Since 2011, they have been rolling without a director or scripts. This year, they are semifinalists at Romania's Got Talent. They hope to be the winners of the Originality Prize by June 1st.
Trupa iELE
Winners of The National Championship of Free Improv, their moments are fun and powerful, longform with a strong personality.
Trupa Obligo
When they're not teaching their audience how to be natural, Obligo definitely play something with courage and detachment. "We don't know. We Improvise!"