Answers To Your Questions

What happens with this year’s edition of AFTERHILLS?

The AFTERHILLS Team has decided to reschedule this year’s edition for 2021, having in view that the lifting of restrictive measures largely depends on the progress of several data, such as the epidemiological ones.

We’ll use all the energy we’ve gathered to invest it in entertaining you, because we know how much you enjoy a great festival!

When will AFTERHILLS 2021 take place?

The date(s) of the 2021 edition will be announced by 12-31-2020.

What happens with my AFTERHILLS 2020 ticket?

Your ticket is valid for the 2021 edition (in compliance with the provisions of Art. 32 of the Ordinance no. 70 of May 14th, 2020).

I don’t want to extend my ticket validity. What should I do?

If you don’t want to extend your ticket validity, you may opt for converting it into a voucher, that can be used according to the Regulation we will provide to you once you selected this option.

How can I convert my ticket into a voucher?

Once announced the actual date(s) of the 2021 festival edition, you have 30 days to decide whether to preserve your ticket valid for the rescheduled edition or to convert it into a voucher.

All you have to do is to send an email in this regard at within this 30-day period. If you don’t select this option during this 30-day period, your ticket automatically becomes valid for the rescheduled edition of the festival.

How can I use my voucher?

If you opt for getting a voucher, you will receive an official email with the voucher and your name onto it, together with the corresponding Terms of use. The voucher is valid until 09-31-2021. 

Can I still get a refund for my 2020 ticket?

Yes, definitely!

If you don’t use your voucher until 09-31-2021, we will refund you its value until 12-31-2021. You’ll get back the amount you paid for the Eggstatic ticket. 

Can I sell the Eggstatic ticket if I cannot attend the festival?

Of course you can!

Sign in to your account , click on the “Name Change” option, and change your name on the ticket with the new holder’s name.

Can I sell the Eggstatic voucher?

Unfortunately, there is no such option.