Tickets & Shop

How can I get a ticket?

Get your ticket right here.

Are the Tickets Nominal?

YES, at the festival entrance you have to show a ticket with your name on it and a valid form of ID (national card, passport, drivers licence). You will receive your bracelet which allows you access in the festival area.

If you want to change the name on the ticket, write us an email at festival@afterhills.com with “Name Change” as the subject line. Include in the message: the ticket codes, the existing name on the ticked and your full name.

Each ticket is nominal, and the bracelet once attached cannot be transferred to somebody else.

What happens if I lose or forget my printed ticket?

The ticket is always in your account. If you lose your printed ticket, we’ll scan it at the entrance, directly from your phone. Stay cool, we don’t want you missing on any of the fun!

Accomodation & Transportation

Is there a camping area?

There is a dedicated camping area with all the facilities you need, right next to the festival area. Enjoy your stay with:


Charging Points

Illuminated Alleys

Lounge areas

Clean showers and toilets

Enough space for all kinds of dreamy activities

Is there a parking space?

There is a large dedicated parking space, suited for your needs, right next to the festival site.
However, we advise you to come with AH Shuttle, the non-stop public transport provided by AFTERHILLS.

How do I get to the festival?

We recommend AH Shuttle, our regular transport.
To avoid crowding in traffic, we suggest you forget worries and choose AH Shuttle transport.

Festival Area

Where is the festival venue?

AFTERHILLS takes place in Dobrovăț, right next to Iasi, Romania. Don’t worry, it’s only 30 minutes from Iași to Dobrovăţ.

Can I leave the festival grounds?

Of course! Dobrovăț is a quiet place, perfect for a walk. Don’t miss Iași though. It is a wonderful city and we encourage you to explore it. However, it’s essential that you keep your wristband on, at all times. The access on the festival premises is allowed only based on the wristband. Don’t lose it!

Can I bring my pet?

As much as we love our furry friends, this year bringing your pet along is not permitted.


Because tens of thousands of people are gathering at festivals where the music is very loud, we decided to protect our best friends, so they won’t be lost or hurt in the crowd.

Is there an age limit?

Age is just a number. Everybody is welcome to have fun!


Children under 14 have free entrance to the festival if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who holds a valid ticket.
Children aged between 14 and 18 pay a full ticket and benefit from the same discounts as adults. Their access to the festival is based on the ticket and a written parental agreement.

Is an ID necessary?

According to our national laws in force, an ID is always necessary. This means you have to take it with you everywhere you go, including on the festival grounds.

Can I take off the wristband at the end of a day?

That wristband grants you access on the festival grounds. If you take it off (or break it) you won’t be allowed to get in and you can’t get another one, even if you still have your ticket.