Rules and regulations

I.    Promoter and event
II.   General
III. Tickets: Types and Purchasing
IV. The event
V.   Warranty, sanctions and force majeure
VI. Copyright

I. Promoter and event

Vasile Lupu street, no. 78A, floor 11, ap. 58

AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival, May 31 - June 3, Iași, Romania.

II. General

Present Terms & Conditions is an agreement between the Promoter and the Participant.
The Promoter reserves the right to modify the present document. All modifications shall be published on the event’s website,
The Unauthorized Participants will have no rights toward AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival, as AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival does not enter into a contractual relationship with them. The Ticket Purchaser agrees by purchasing the Ticket.

III. Tickets: Types and Purchasing

The tickets are purchased online through the AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival system, available on the website.


The Festival Pass grants the Participant’s access in the Festival area throughout its entire duration, as of the first day, 16:00 until the end of the Festival;
The Festival Pass + Camping Pass grants the Participant’s access in the Festival area throughout its entire duration, as of the first day, 16:00 until the end of the Festival, AND it offers the Participant a camping spot and full access to the amenities in the camping area.
One-day tickets grant the Participant’s access to all the Festival scenes and places on one specific day, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 AM on the following day, when the Ticket becomes invalid and the Participant no longer has access to the Festival.

Minors under the age of 14 have free access to the Festival only accompanied by a parent, or an adult.
Minors shall receive wristbands of a different colour which will not allow them to purchase alcoholic drinks or cigarettes.
Underaged between 14 to 18 are allowed on the festival premises on the condition that, aside from the festival access ticket, they also present a written parental agreement( EN - parental agreement / RO - parental agreement).
Persons with severe disabilities get free access at the festival for themselves and for their companion, provided they submit an application containing a copy of their certificate of disability and a copy of their identity document at the e-mail address

It is strictly prohibited to sell or purchase overpriced tickets or invites. The Promoter reserves the right to prohibit access to people found suspected of unlawful acquisition of the Tickets or Invitations.

The Promoter reserves the rights to check the Participant’s wristband at the entry on the Festival as well on the entire event grounds.
The Participant has the responsibility for the loss or the damage of the Wristband.
Broken wristbands will not be replaced by the Promoter.


The participant is able to purchase tickets online from or from the AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival mobile app, available on Android and iOS, using the payment system EuPlatesc.
Tickets purchased cannot be replaced. The tickets value cannot be refunded.
The Promoter reserves the right to change the tickets prices without prior notice.

IV. The event

1. Access points

Entering the Festival is only possible at the designated places and time, exclusively by Authorised Participants. All event participants will carry identity documents with them.
At the request of the security team or Organiser’s representatives or other competent authorities, the Participant must show their identity documents and their ticket.

For ensuring the safe conduct of the Festival, AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival reserves the right to restrict the type of items and devices which may be brought inside the area.

It is prohibited to enter in Festival area with the following:
 - Drugs
 - Fireworks
 - Lasers
 - Sprays
 - Knives, weapons or sharp objects
 - Pyrotechnic items
 - Gas sprays
 - Umbrellas
 - Explosive materials
 - DSLR devices
 - Food and beverages
 - Any type of objects which may cause injury to other Participants

Access with the following items is allowed:
 - Compact photo cameras
 - GoPro cameras
 - External batteries

The Participants shall take full responsibility for themselves, including the following:
 - Participants who suffer mental or physical illness, loud noises or special audio and visual effects are considered a risk, and they shall assume the liability for any damage they might suffer there. The Festival show might include lighting effects that could harm epileptic people.
 - For the activities area, with hot air balloons, pillow fights, labyrinths, bungee jumping and others which carry a high risk of injury, the participants shall ensure they have the physical and mental condition to participate in these kind of activities.

Access of children under 14 shall be allowed only if escorted by parents, a tutor or an adult. Underaged children between 14-18 of age shall receive a special wristband that will not allow the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes. Pets are not allowed in the festival area.

Rules and conduct during the Festival
On the Festival Grounds, participants are required to refrain from all actions which can threaten and endanger the life or health, security and rights of others.
The participants shall not destroy the environment and the AFTERHILLS installations, buildings and green areas.
The Promoter and the his partners or accredited press have the right to photograph and record during the Festival. The Promoter has the right to use in advertising campaigns and publish the materials without the rights from participants.
Participants have the right to photograph and film on the Festival grounds, but only in the areas where they have been granted access. Participants shall use material only for their viewing, they shall not distribute the material to the public.
The Promoter will announce on the AFTERHILLS Facebook Page that taking photos and recording videos during the show are forbidden, because there are artists that do not allow any recording on their performance.
It is prohibited to practice any commercial activity inside the Festival grounds without the written consent of the Promoter.

Rules and conduct inside the camping area
AFTERHILLS Music & Arts Festival provides camping and accommodation facilities during the event. Camping facilities and prices shall be published on the Festival Website.
The camping area will be open from the 31th of May 2018 - 16:00, until the 04th of June 2018 - 10:00.
The camping area will be open non-stop. The participants have the right to enter and leave as many times as they need.
It is prohibited to enter the camping area with any vehicle, except the vans who present a van parking ticket.
The perimeter of the camping will be supervised by security guards, but it is not recommended to leave any valuables in the tent.
The Organiser is not liable for any lost or stolen items. Contact the festival Info point if you lost something.
The camping area is provided with showers, toilets, market, utilities.
Access in the camping area is based on Wristbands only. Damaged or destroyed wristbands are not valid. All the Participants will be subject to body searches and luggage screening at the enter in the camping area.
Any confiscated items will not be returned to the participant. They have the right to go back and leave the items in their car.

The following are not allowed in the camping area:
 - access with drugs or any narcotic substances
 - access with weapons or other items which may be considered dangerous
 - access with sharp tools access with flammable materials
 - access with fireworks, pyrotechnic items and any flammable materials
 - access with objects that may hurt the other Participants
 - access with alcohol, beverages and food
 - access with animals
 - access with professional photo or video cameras, including DSLR

The following are allowed in the camping area:
 - medicinal drops insulin
 - GoPro cameras
 - External Batteries
 - lighters
 - camping accessories
 - tents and mattresses

Any damage to the toilets, showers and others objects in the camping area will have to be paid in full by the person responsible.
The Participant shall follow the Romanian law and social conduct rules.

The Organiser must take the measures so that the Participants are informed on the protection measures and prevention in the AFTERHILLS Festival area.
For a proper development of the Festival, participants have the following obligations:
 - To notify the security team on any situation they have reasons to believe that is dangerous for others.
 - To notify the security team on any incidents that (s)he incurred.

First aid and medical care
The Organiser provides first aid areas and medical aid.

Products and payment method within the Festival grounds

V. Warranty, sanctions and force majeure

The Promoter guarantees that the Participant holding a valid Ticket can stay in the Event area and can use all the services that the Promoter provided. The dates of the event can be changed by the Promoter in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. In case of minor weather like rain, clouds conditions the festival dates will be not changed.
The Promoter reserves the right to change the program and he will not offer compensation for these changes.
The Participant has no legal basis to act against the Promoter in case of any changes in the program of the festival.
The Participant shall not be entitled to claim compensation for any damage or the loss of the wristband.

The Promoter is entitled to prohibit the access of a participant in the festival area, or to invite a participant to leave the festival area in view of a law or regulations currently in force in Romania.
The Promoter shall denounce the participants that use counterfeited tickets to the authorities.

Force majeure
As defined in the Civil Code, in force majeure cases the Organizer may decide to amend or even cancel the event under exceptional circumstances (war, terrorist attack, accident, fire, earthquake, natural disaster, epidemics, etc.)

VI. Copyright

The Organizer has full rights to the names, logos, trademarks, business cards, texts, domain names or other materials. The above can not be copied, used for commercial purposes without the consent of the Organizer, as stipulated in European legislation.

Parental approval