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Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine


Alexincase is a sonic psychonaut that oscillates between experimental, repetitive and always surprising worlds of sound. He stands out with hypnotic soundscapes that really take you in an adventure at the boundary between dream and reality, where illusions of the night are dispelled.
His sets can be described as sentimental layers of sounds that have the ability to work their way into peoples’ minds, leaning on deepness and a large spectrum of sound interventions.
If you are into Future Jazz, Space Disco, Jazzdance, Atmospheric Funk and Hypnotic House, Alexincase is the man.

Alt Om

„I’m inspired by the life itself, the moment, the people around me. I like to play wih a lot of genres because the most important thing for me is that the public feel as good as I do.”
That’s what Alt Om (Vlad Roseanu) thinks about the game and that’s why his music is extremely diverse – from electronic to funk and disco or break beat, house and techno.

Cel Visător

Cel Visător (”The Dreamer”), which is a word-play out of his birth name, Elvys, is a passionate music selector rather than a traditional DJ, and a digger rather than a hunter-gatherer.
Jazz and Hip-Hop are the two major suns around which his musical world gravitates… But his selections go way beyond these two genres. And it’s the dreaming and the digging that keeps him alive.

DJ Vasile

Mention DJ Vasile to any Romanian with at least a little appetite for underground music and you’ll definitely get a reaction. He is one of the most influential names of electronic music in Romania, priding himself with a career of over 25 years and a constant preocupation for the fusion of genres and the sarcasm of the message.
Good things take time and dedication and the 25+ years of music and life have built around DJ Vasile. Alongside his daring sets and the ability to surprise with every track, but also the subtextual irony of his selection, these make DJ Vasile stand out as a clear, distinct and inhibition-free voice.


Bucharest based record collector, DJ and editor, IORGA usually delivers a mighty and eclectic mix of worldwide sounds for our showcases. It ́s known that Romanians know how to party. But it ́s hardly known that Romanians really know how to disco party. Always adept at reading the crowd thanks to combined decades plus experience behind the decks.
Tropical, disco, afro & funk grooves, also obscure Romanian disco edits, delivered straight from Obor market.


Diggin’ deep in the vaults of different genres, Karak’s musical journey could only be described as an eclectic fusion of different styles that fall far from each other.


K-LU is a DJ and a producer who is active on electronic music stage since 2005.
He’s been a part of many musical projects and bands, with whom he performed in different Jazz festivals, on the stage of the Timisoara’s Philharmonics Orchestra, and also abroad.
Having an unique style based on the skills of scratching, he easily stands out through his movie line sprinkled DJ Sets, which both surprise and amuse.


He’s got a music taste trained in time, that’s the kind of feeling you get out of every set he does. Quite versatile, he’s going back and forth between deep, tech and the likes, to the more jazzy and afro house joints.
Self taught, this one’s there to get the public, though imposing the rhythm with a fine selection of music.
Kosta’s surprising everytime.


Surprisingly diverse, starting from old to new, from the good-kind-of-hits to barely known, from mellow to pumped-up, Puiu’s sets ensure a great mood even for a picky crowd.
Acid Jazz, Trip-Hop, Bossa Nova, Hip Hop Beats, Oldschool Funk & Soul are definitely some of the styles you’ll wanna dance on if you decide to drop by when Puiu spins some of his records.

Rabbit King

He is a dynamic spirit and has an unique approach that keeps him remarkable amongst other DJs and entertainers. Never losing his strong personal ambitions, he always has his homework carefully adapted to the dance floor. After years in which he successfully tackled with reggae, dub, hip hop, funk, soul, breaks, house & electro, The Rabbit King remained glued to any frequency that makes his audience dance.
His work as a producer influenced some of the live projects he’s been involved in, like NOPAME and GOLAN, and recently rewards his solo career.
To put it short – The Rabbit King is a vivid and passionate vinyl lover, promoter, DJ, producer & club banger!